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The Mechanics Of Yenagoa (X)
Post Series: Mechanics of Yenagoa

I watched, transfixed, as fat Tiekuro and his gang of plump all-female bouncers sped off into Melford Okilo Road. For close to five minutes, I was rooted to the same spot where our conversation took place wondering if what just transpired was a dream or if I actually let the small criminal get away with threatening me. What had me immobilised for that long was not the anger, but the fear – the fear that he and the girl that introduced herself as Oyintari AKA Jigger or Sucking-Blood and the two other girls that looked just like her would actually carry out the actions they promised against me, my family and my workshop if I didn’t give in to their demands, or worse still, if I went to the police.

After my recent brush with assassins along Amassoma Road and the incident with Anda and his parents, the last thing I wanted was a situation that would expose me or anyone I cared about to danger.

That was why I had put away the gift money from Honourable Aaron, knowing that I was still indebted to Tiekuro who had made it sufficiently clear to me and the guys in the shop that he was going to make our lives a living hell if he didn’t get back his ₦500k from us. The money from Barnabas-Treatment was a miracle because quite frankly I was tired of looking over my shoulders or worrying that something bad would happen to my sister and her son or to Saka, Biodun and BRD because of me.

That night I got the money at Ox-Bow Lake, I purposed in my heart to give the whole thing to Tiekuro the next day and that was what I would have done, if the whole Anda vanishing thing hadn’t scattered my brain. As soon as that dust settled, I took the money to the bank with the intention of getting Tiekuro’s bank account details and transferring it to him so there would be peace again in Kalakala Street, but my phone decided to act up that very day. As luck would have it, a customer that hadn’t been to the shop in a long time came in with a burnt top gasket and a UK-used iPhone 6 for sale. I transferred ₦75k to his account for the phone and used another ₦10k to get accessorises.

I knew I no longer had the complete N500k, but that wasn’t a problem because I knew I was going to make it up again at the end of the month when civil servants in the state would have received their salary and would be bringing in their cars to my shop for maintenance and that was what I told Tiekuro. When he told me to transfer what I had to his account, I thought he was okay with my explanation. I brought out my new phone, dialled *737# and transferred N415k to the Zenith Bank account number he gave. Within seconds of the debit confirmation on my phone, I heard his phone beep. He had received the alert. That was when he smiled at me and delivered the bombshell.

“This one you give me na the interest. You still never pay me the original ₦500k when you dey owe me.”

“See this guy oh!” I almost lunged at him, but I remembered quickly that he came prepared. “You sure say your head dey correct at all?”

“Na your mama head when no correct!” Jigger growled at me like a rabid dog.

“Jigger make you cool down,” Tiekuro spoke calmly and I wondered why. “The guy mama don die.”

“Ehnnn, if she die nko, na me kill am?”

“Jigger, I say make you take am easy, abi na your money dem take? You know say my mum is dead too, and I have a soft spot for motherless people like myself. But make you just tell am wetin go happen if he doesn’t give me the balance of ₦500k by the end of next week.”

Jigger grinned and I froze. Whatever her smile was intended to accomplish, it did so effectively because I hadn’t noticed the several gaps and discoloured teeth earlier. “This your workshop, we go burn am down…anything when we see inside the day we come, whether na person oh, or na motor oh, or na house oh, everything inside we go reduce to charcoal.”

“Saka, Biodun – ”

“What do you think you are doing?” Tiekuro stopped me before I could ask for reinforcement. “You want to call your men, abi? So, as we come quietly like this, you no like am abi?”

I changed my mind about calling for help and thought against arguing with them any further. The lead Amazon repeated her threat to burn down my workshop and everything in it, while Tiekuro warned me against going to the police. “You will only be making matters worse for yourself,” he said in a menacing voice.

Those were his parting words before driving off with his goons. Oyintari sat in front with him, while the other ladies crammed themselves into the backseat of the White Toyota Hilux they came in.

I was afraid, afraid and confused as to how ₦500k suddenly became ₦915k, and how that figure could keep rising if I didn’t do something about it fast. There was no point waiting till the end of next week. This has to end immediately. I brought out my phone from my pocket and dialled. While waiting for the voice from the other end to come on, across the fence I could overhear Saka singing loudly in his gruff voice.

“…iphone 4 legbegbe, iphone 5 legbegbe, iphone 6 legbegbe, oya fun won legbegbe, oya fun won legbegbe…” This time I think he nailed the song, but I was too distraught to care.

“Hello?” came the voice from the other end.

“Hello, hello Oga PA, na me Ebinimi. Ebinimi Jacob.”

“Ha Ebinimi, I see your text message oh. I don even tell boss man say you turn down him offer – ”

“That is why I am calling. I have changed my mind. Can you please help me tell Oga Aaron say I don agree to go the Lagos.”

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  1. Can’t wait for ebinimi to take his pound of flesh!!!…. What an interesting story 😀☺️

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