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The Mechanics Of Yenagoa (Season 2) – I

The Mechanics of Yenagoa (Season 2) – I

My name is Ebinimi, Ebinimi Jacob. Call it my unapologetic peeve, but I detest it when people call me anything other than my first name in full. I like the alphabets—E, B, I, N, I, M and I—that make up my pretty common Ijaw name all pronounced together, just the way my late dad intended when he christened me after his paternal cousin and closest childhood friend who drowned in the glistening waters of the Tungbo River at the very…

[SHORT STORY] Otapiapia By Olukorede S. Yishau

[SHORT STORY] Otapiapia by Olukorede S. Yishau

It was her first holiday from Abeokuta. Idera was excited to see Lagos again, but she was not prepared for what she saw on entering the new two-bed apartment into which Aunty Rebecca and her husband had moved. She knocked at the door and waited a few minutes before she turned the knob. The door creaked open only for her to behold a man and a woman scrambling to cover their nakedness. The woman was her precious Aunty Rebecca, her…