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The Mechanics Of Yenagoa (Season 2) – XII
Post Series: Mechanics of Yenagoa

“You don’t look happy to see me?”

“Why you dey talk like that na, Blessing? I’m just surprised to see you here at this time. That’s all. Besides, you didn’t call to tell me you were on your way here.”

“So I now need invitation to visit my own boyfriend again?” Blessing asked, throwing her overnight bag on the bed and planting herself firmly in front of the door, so I couldn’t leave the room.

“Boyfriend when dem no dey tell before dem waka go wherever dem go, that one na the real boyfriend abi na the side bobo?”

“But wetin you dey try talk na, Ebinimi? Abi you think say na man house I go or wetin dey your mind sef?”

“Nothing dey my mind. I just know say you disappear and you no tell me where you dey go, and I was worried about you.”

“But now that I’m here you’re not showing it. Your body just they pinch you as if to say I dey stop you from going somewhere dis night.”

Blessing was spot on, but I couldn’t tell her that. I should have been on my way to pick up Oputi who had agreed to spend the night with me after our last two botched attempts at getting some quality time to bond physically, spiritually and otherwise. But here was I stuck with Madam Blessing when I wasn’t even expecting her.

Gauging from the way her eyes roved from under the bed to the wardrobe and back to me, and the manner in which she grilled me, there was no way Blessing was leaving my house no matter what I told her. Sadly, because of her sudden reappearance in my house, there wouldn’t be any bonding between Oputi and me, at least not tonight. So, as a sharp Bayelsa guy, I did the most sensible thing under the circumstance – I switched off my phone and accepted what Blessing came to offer.

When we were done, I followed her into the bathroom and we took a long shower together. Eventually, Blessing tired out and we went back to bed to rest for the night.

Because we were both spent from my natural abilities and the extras I threw into my fifty-five-minute performance in bed and bathroom, I thought Blessing would be asleep the moment her hairnet landed on my chest. Little did I know, I hadn’t done enough to take her mind off her suspicion at seeing me all dressed up and looking set to go out when she came in.

“So, Ebinimi, you never tell me where you been dey go before I open door.” Her question almost caught me off guard, but e don tey small when we enter the world.

“I wasn’t going anywhere. I was actually just getting back from Agudama. One of my lecturer friends from NDU called me to help him start his car where he went to drink.” I lied with so much conviction, I almost believed it myself.


“Wetin make you dey do face like that? You when I don call tire for how many days now. You no pick my call or respond to any of my messages. I even send BRD go your house the other day. Your neighbour tell am say dem sef never see you for some time and dem no know where you go.”

“And you no care to know whether I don die sef or if I still dey alive?”

“But I no be magician, if you no tell me wetin dey happen, how I want take know? Besides, I dey see your whatsapp status update almost everyday, so I know say you dey okay. Me, I was even thinking I had done something to make you vex but you never ready to discuss am with me yet.” I had tactically changed the subject and she didn’t even realise it.

“But you’ve been behaving yourself since you came back from Abuja, so why would I be angry with you? And, if you must know, I hear say that Adinna girl don marry one old man last month.”

“Come oh, Blessing, who dey tell you all these things? You know everybody story for this town, but nobody know your own. Abeg, since you say I be your boyfriend, girlfriend please tell me where you carry your leg go all these days when nobody see you for Yenagoa.”

“Ebinimi, no be small thing oh.”

“Wetin don happen again?” I asked Blessing, wondering what bombshell she was about to drop on me this time.

“Na Reverend Ebizimor oh!”

“Is he dead?”

“Shebi na you wan kill am?” she asked, hitting me playfully with a pillow.

“So tell me, what has Reverend got to do with your disappearance for days?”

“He told me you are not my husband,” Blessing blurted out in anger. “Imagine!”

“But he is right na.” I knew it wasn’t meant to be funny, but I couldn’t help laughing. “I am not your husband.”

“Ebinimi, be serious jor. Wasn’t he the one who encouraged me to go out with you in the first place because he saw us in a vision raising children together, so what has changed? Abeg, me I dey respect the man oh, but this new prophesy abi vision when him see get as e be.”

“He saw a new vision?”

“Yes na. He said he saw a vision where he was conducting a wedding ceremony for you and me but when it was time for you to kiss the bride, my face changed and it was another woman’s face he saw.”

“What does that mean?”

“He said it was either you are not my husband, or that someone was trying to snatch you from me, and that I needed to pray and fast and wait to hear from God. That was why I had to go to the mountain. No food, water or physical interaction with any other human being until God spoke.”

At this point. I was too scared to ask her if He did and what He said. But I couldn’t help myself; I had to know.

“And did you hear anything?”

“Nothing oh, not even a whisper. So I came back and told Reverend Ebizimor my experience and that I wasn’t breaking up with you just yet. The way he sounded Ebinimi, you would think we had eloped or something. Suddenly, he doesn’t think marriage between the two of us would work?” The way she said it, I couldn’t tell if it was a question or a statement of fact. “I just feel like there’s something more, something he isn’t telling me. That is why I came here to see you, and being around you feels right.”

I had never seen Blessing so emotional since we started dating. I kissed her on the forehead and assured her that I wasn’t going anywhere.

Blessing left at 5:30 in the morning. My day didn’t start until 9am. I was exhausted.

When I came out to see what the guys were up to, I saw Saka, Biodun and BRD already busy at work. Biodun and BRD were working together on a navy blue Government of Bayelsa State Ministry of Information Hiace Bus that wasn’t there when we closed the day before so I knew it must have come in while I was sleeping. Saka was alone in one corner of the workshop. From where I stood, I couldn’t quite figure out what he was doing with the battery in his hands, but I could hear him clearly because he was singing really loud.

“No more sufficient fund, ati shee se

“No more sufficient fund, ati tope

No more sufficient fund, aboki ti je dola

No more sufficient fund…”

The last time I checked, what Chinko Ekun was singing was “no more insufficient fund,” but was there any point trying to correct Saka? I didn’t think so. He was busy working on something a customer brought in and making money for me, which was the most important thing as far as I was concerned; that and the whereabouts of Oputi who was conspicuously absent.

“Where’s Oputi?” I shouted so my voice could drown out Saka’s.

“We never see her oh! She never come since morning,” BRD shouted back.

“Have you guys tried to call her?” That was when I reached for my phone and realised it was still turned off from previous night. I quickly turned it on so I could call Oputi, that is assuming I could summon the courage to do so, because I didn’t even know what to say to her or what story to make up for why I didn’t show up after asking her to wait for me.

I don’t think the phone had quite come on when Mr. Freedom’s call came in.

“Ebinimi, wetin happen to your phone na? I don call you tire?”

“Sorry, we been no get light for night so I no charge am – ”

“Where you dey? Where you dey?”

“I dey for workshop. Mr. Freedom –”

“See, I no fit talk now, make you just come meet us for Matho Crystal Hotel immediately. Honourable Aaron wan see you.”



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  1. #Blessing# #Team Blessing jhare… Can’t be “teaming” Oputi of Yesterday… Blessing has got an amazing personality of her own, with her own kind of funny vibes, her drama is therapy to the soul! Always appearing at the right time. I already feel like I know her in person… Lol.. As for Oputi, make she disappear small! We can do IG videos later

  2. I just finished reading 30 episodes of this awesome series. Mr Micheal, i love the way your mind works.
    Ebi self na runs man. From Blessing to Adinna, now Oputi. Lol.
    #TeamBlessing for me. I’ve known her the most

  3. as a lover of real adventure,I am team oputari all the way.come to think of it,the vision even supports the choice

  4. Team Oputi. That girl really has gotten so into Ebinimi that tearing both apart seems unachieveable. Besides, she’s quite resourceful unlike midnight Blessing.

  5. #teamoputi#
    She da make our Oga Ebinimi body da totori am. Even in the state of jamming blessing, him still da imagine the new port when him for don charge him phone. Oputi na correct girl when even da hardworking, to learn mechanic work no be here, but I believe say Las Las when Ebinimi eat the apple, him go fall for oputi like eve and the serpent.

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