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[POEM] Doom Dance By Uzezi Ologe

[POEM] Doom Dance by Uzezi Ologe

The mistakes of our past Forever before us Too rigidly embossed On the fabrics of our lives To be made dim By the mere passing of time   Our brethren On the whim of the moment Strike a sour tune To which we must dance For their fingers coil around our balls   The tune to which we dance Once was euphoria in our ears To which our feet carried us With the swift agility Of a reckless masquerade  …

For Reginald Dei And Others Murdered During The 2019 Elections

For Reginald Dei and Others Murdered during the 2019 Elections

When I told myself I wouldn’t write for three months, I lied. I’ve been restless, stealing glances at my laptop for days since that self-imposed hiatus, to regroup after a rather active and engaging start to the year. When I told myself I wouldn’t write, tweet, Facebook, make any Instagram post or comment on the recently concluded presidential elections, I lied. The truth is that my self-imposed speaking ban was killing me. I am pained and if you’ve ever bottled…

[POEM] Global Best Practice By Uzezi Ologe

[POEM] Global Best Practice by Uzezi Ologe

Come! Come and vote Democracy is the new way Be not deformed but take note Representation has come to stay   Come! Come out and play Your civic role. For to pray Has its place but you must today Suffer the ballot to have your way   Come! Come out and press Your fingers against this crest Heed not the lure of the rest They offer naught but stress And stay till every vote cast Is counted to the very…