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Daughters Of Eve By Ololade Ajekigbe
Post Series: JB Afenfia Flash Fiction Contest

It happened last night. It was one of those Friday nights when my friends and I decided to have a few drinks over plates of pepper soup, and if we were lucky, get some feminine company for the rest of the night.

The latter only applied to Ken and Ayomide, however. I was the shy and reticent one who didn’t seem to have the bad boy blood in him.

My friends had swung into party mode when we got to Smiths Bar. They always did. One look at them and I was convinced they were set to take their escapades up a notch.

“Hey Obi! How’s it going?” Ayomide said. He and Ken already had two scantily clad ladies giggling on either side of both of them by the time I returned from the gents. I couldn’t help but wonder how they managed to do this all the time. We had barely been there for thirty minutes.

I had taken myself to an obscure section of the party where I could nurse my loneliness in peace.

As Davido’s “Fall” blared from the speakers, I took a sip of my Hennessy and bobbed my head to the music.

“…banana fall on you…prada fall on you…”  The music had me wishing a really pretty babe would fall on me, when she walked in.

All of 5ft 10 inches, her catwalk was unforced. She looked at me and strutted my way, all the while flashing a disarming smile. I couldn’t believe my luck! Introverted guys like me lived for moments we didn’t have to do the chasing when we found ourselves around the opposite sex.

We liked bold girls who weren’t afraid to let us know they wanted us, and this one looked like she had never encountered the word ‘shy’ before.

I stood up to welcome her while imagining what she’d smell like when we shared that inevitable hug.

I must have been frozen in time because by the time I came round, I was looking at the posterior of my mystery woman. I had thought I was the only one in that corner, but now as she shared a smooch with her lover, and I rued the fact that she had a man already, their stare caught mine. Two daughters of Eve.


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This story emerged in 4th position in the 2017 edition of the JB Afenfia Flash Fiction Contest. Click here to read the story that emerged 5th.




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