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Post Series: Write for Love (Poetry)

Love is like a boy having hot porridge in his mouth.


He hurts,

Yet unwilling to let go.


A poet folds his lover’s name into a song

And rolls it around his teeth.


He silently chops it into letters,

And sews her into a fine song.


Father always said in his few moments of sobriety,


When you find love,

However small like a firefly,

Tend to it till it becomes an inferno.


Though it hurts, don’t spit it out.


Hold on to it as a boy holds hot morsels

Between his teeth,

Unwilling to let go.




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  1. A very nice poem with simple diction, so precise to the point. Keep the good work dear.I vote for this wonderful poem by Zion.

  2. Zion Osewengie’s work basks in eternal depth and simplicity.
    His use of metaphor exults the poem above every shadow shrouding the true meaning of love.

    Great job Sir!

  3. I really appreciate the use of literary devices in the poem and the use of imagery to create a mental picture of love. The feeling of love begins like a firefly and become so uncontrollable like an inferno. Creates a picture of how the feeling of love develop,little by little to a stronger feeling. …….sews her into a fine song!Creates a picture of everlasting love. Nice poem

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