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Post Series: Write for Love (Poetry)

Let me sing the ode of your charming presence
That crept swaggerly into my infant heart
When your lips unveiled the ray of joy behind them.

Let me cry the defeat of my strong heart
At the altar of your burning love
That melted the strong iron heart in my soul.

Let me eulogise your perfuming beauty
That arrested my nose
And drove him into reverie to lick your lips.

I must not write off the day
I stood trembling under the rain of rejection
Before the sun of courage dried all fears from my cloth.

I stepped on your hot lair
And spat the blazing fire of love
That burnt and still burns in my marrow.

I came with an icily scorching tongue
To quench any fire of “no” that may break out,
But, it only intensified the scorching heat that enveloped me.

I left your presence leaving my brain.
It stood under lashing rain and ebullient sun
Poring on how the Creator creatively created your charming figure.

Let me tell you the tumor growing in my brain,
I just signed a contract of life madness
If love stands as madness for your sake.

I wish to spit these words on your face
In my family hive of oneness,
If my feet could stand and win your smile.

I wish to stand at the crest of the globe
Bawling to the figures that toil the green land,
How I doffed my cap at your illuminating beauty.



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  1. Everyone has their favorite poets,but believe me Winlade you are the best of all. I really enjoy your use of words.

  2. This is one of the most appealing love poems I have come across. More ink to your writing pen and more wisdom to cerebral @WinladeIsreal

  3. I am mesmerized by your choice of words Winlade.
    I never knew I had gotten to the end of the poem!
    More ink to your pen

  4. This poem reminds of Christopher Malowi’s To His coy Mistress. Winlade,your style is classic. What a wonderful fashion designer of words you are?

  5. Discreet choice of word, the diction in each line engraves a vivid representation and animates the poem. One can almost visualize it. Nice work.

  6. reading through each line,I feel love and I sense poetic justice…a work not to be toiled with….freed by your pen…..nice one bro!

  7. A beautifully woven words….. it awakens my sense of love…. a mental picture well drawn in words. Good one there!

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