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Post Series: Write for Love (Poetry)

Love springs

Where hearts bind

Uniting the knots

In a woven bond

With intricate touch

To make hearts lit

And soar off right


Love is a mistress

Who steals hearts

And impede lusts

With glances of seduction

And mesmeric glow of desire

In minds craving need


Her gaze Pierce

The soul of men

And take in her

Their unravel desires

Leaving an empty lair

Where she sows her fruits


For her, men slave

And bite within them

Stones of sexual seed

They crawl at her feet

To fill their mortal want

And mental pleasure


In souls, love blossom

Watered by the touch

Of affection and passion

Lit with a spark of emotion

And coiled in flesh of men

And eyes of hope.




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  1. What an excellent and deep meaning to the word “Love”. Loved the excellent use of words, the step by step explanation of how it forms and reaches a stage where men just become slaves of it and how it captures the attention of viewers and readers. Simply amazing. Good Job and keep it up

  2. Am Schick and speechless
    You got me breathless I hope life will bless you with more of this….. Beautiful peace

  3. it’s a very good piece recommended by one of the most creative person I know. 4rm all indications I surely concur with the piece. may God bless da intellect.

  4. Love Poem, best symbolized. Love is not what we know, it’s what we can’t know, but always feel deep inside us. So this scintillating Love Poem tells us. Kudos, Hajaarah for this great work!

  5. Your writings never seems to fail my lustrous love for poetry reading, so mesmerizing. More wisdom to your inking pen poetess

  6. I love every stanza of this poem. It is simply unique and heartwarming. Love is indeed a mistress who steals heart and impede lust. Kudos.

  7. This is perfectly scribbled. It is written with a prowess that brings out love in it natural form yet unique and beautiful.

  8. I am simply enchanted by this poem and alluring words. I admire the penmanship, dictions and imagery, hence, i vote for this.

  9. *For her, men slave and bite within them stones of sexual seed* this got to me more amd as did lines of the poem. I love it and vote.

  10. This is Brilliant. It got me picturing the things love can do to us and what love can make us do. It is with the best expressions.

  11. When i read this poem, it got me thinking about so many things. It gives a perfect picture, a story and endless feelings. I choose this.

  12. You know that passionate and affectionate feeling of love that makes one crave for things, lust for it and hope for it? Well this poem perfectly pictures that. I love it.

  13. Affection, passion, lust, care, plessure, seduction, emotion, desires and all are elements of love and this poem has bring them all in beautiful imagery. Simply beautiful.

  14. When reading this poem, i had some imaginative flashes. It concurs with so many feelings, love stories, and involvements concerning love. For the love of love, i vote for this.

  15. Hajarah Mohammad love poem is mind blowing.. It’s obvious she’s he daughter of Zeus. Beauty and knowledge.. I vote for her .impressively musing

  16. I want to vote for Hajarah Mohammed. I see a great well Spring of inphantomable talent in poetry out flowing from Her. I really Vote for her.

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