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Post Series: Write for Love (Poetry)

Adesua, the bush lamp oil that refuses to dry

Your mild beams, sun dry leaves to life

You are the opening of new foliage

The happy song of chirping birds

Overfed with milky grains

Adesua, daughter of my natal earth


I will sing your name like a minstrel

Draw the woodpecker out of door

Chant the forest’s core and my kindred

With the juggling drums of my love


You that burnt your fingers for me

You that lie with empty stomach just for me to eat

The first cock crow met you at the stream

With a beaker of water for me


Adesua, pristine foliage of roosting sun

The Osier that beams in my nights

Tramping in the forest of thorns

I would sing you a lullaby if you were a child


Who will say the antelope has a better shawl

Or the dappled leopard with chameleon skin

Which changes with the sunny rills from the raw

Than your melanin like water, rinse on the reaps


Adesua, my hilltop sunflower

Dancing in resplendent twirls

No broken seed, no bursting powder

Nor the surreal sun that wilts on the hill


I will seek you beyond the shadow of the aging moon

Our love shall bloom from the depth

I’ll bathe you with coconut water and rinse your hue




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  1. This poem is extraordinary. Joseph, the way you bring characters to life with words is second to none. Don’t ever stop writing Man!

  2. This is really beautiful and well written. The narration is perfect. I love how you narrated your imagination to reality.

  3. I’m yet to recover from your amazing story and here I am, gasping at another masterpiece. I’ll be on the lookout for you bro. You’re a fine writer, you came almost ready-made. Keep writing, always.

  4. Wow, wonderful! It’s rare seeing people who combine prose and poetry effortlessly and here you are, doing it well. Wonderful poem bro.

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