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Post Series: Write for Love (Poetry)

Like skyscrapers

She comes in stories,

no wonder her building

Is, a combination of elegance and style.


Like a forest she is made up of trees

Eyes wide open in threes

Two eyes left-right in awestruck gaze

A mouth as a third eye in haze..


Like a mirror

She, reflected dreams

Stories of what he wanted to be

And who he wanted her to be to he.


Like, an ocean

She was limitless

She, was something he couldn’t exhaust

Something blue and soft

Something salty to add taste to his life

And quench his thirst.


Like fan, she knew

When to cool his hot temper

And like a fireplace,

She knew when to be his warmth.





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  1. I’d define this piece as a capture of reality in a very relatable form that just tickles our fancy! This is what a literary piece should portray!

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