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Post Series: Write for Love (Poetry)

In between our cracks and brokenness, we are golden magmas carved into the spaces of the

universe, a perfect case of kintsukuroi – ultimately seeking love and time to live as much.


Our past making up who we are and what we hide from strangers; the scars bearing our

victories, the memories of the lives & souls we connected or collided with.


Most times we fall in love and sometimes, we find it – right at the corner where we have

always had it all along.


Love is…

Life’s starter pack, a spider web neatly woven that interconnects everything we do with

everyone else. A subconscious decision to accept the light and darkness bound in the souls

we connect with; for if we will to love, we will.


Love is…

Happiness mixed with hot chocolates and cakes. To love and to be loved, for the moments

that words can’t fully describe. It’s in finding peace and stillness; in our emotions finding a



Love is…

Like poetry – For every moment our pens spill, a piece of us is revealed in between the lines.

In all felicity; it leaves us to share open and it’s the only thing that can heal a broken heart.


Love is…

Like a Lego game – building on itself and growing with all the broken pieces and different

shapes. Logic’s its foe and placing expectations before assembling, get you missing the

important parts.


Love is…

Finding a safe haven in God (Allah); and ultimately believing in the existence of angels who

live among us.


Love is…

In the sunset and sunrise, in a two pairs of eyes and a pumping heart, in starless nights and

morning dews, in the rains andlightening. It’s a miracle, a light, something divine and



Sometimes the ones who promised to read us like a book, always leave us hanging on the



But broken wings don’t mean loss of ability to fly and cupid arrows still miss the best of us.


How imperfect and sometimes clueless we can be with this thing called Love. How unsettling

it is to leave ourselves vulnerable.


But wouldn’t it be a rather sad thing not to try over and over again, to find a home for this

divinity we carry within?



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  1. I can’t find a better poetic description of love than this. With such a flow, I’d become an Oliver Twist. Thanks for the piece Nneoma

  2. Sometimes when asked what love really is most of us come up with nothing not because we don’t have the words to describe it but because we have no real definition to it. But this, you said it all. I don’t think there’s a perfect definition to what love it. Kudos!!!

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