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Post Series: Write for Love (Poetry)

I have inked my tears, I have weeped sad words

I have shred sheets of my heart and my being

I have crossed trueness for refined sweetness in words

I have penned odes and lores dumped in bins

In the hood of my child days, I felt a rush

In my first tenths I dreamed sweet torrents

In my youth, lived the dream and felt the pang

In my dying days, the times I’d revel

Here’s my heart with crimson tears dripping

Here’s the proof, the feel, the sight and rhythm


When the world is on fire, we’d sail to the moon

And wander hand in hand; the solstices

And from the heavens, we’d pee rains on man

And on the walls of paradise, we’d scribble our names

When the pool dense in the cloud chills,

we’d tan at the foot of the sun unclad

And play hide and seek with the Angels

And build ice castles in heaven’s courtyard

And our glee will echo the halls of God’s manor

And snuggle under His regal floating robe

I have fore-played dreams and fantasies

Fore the days I found the keys to my heart

For forever is a dream I dream fortnightly

And fortune is not complete without (yo)u

Four days, weeks, four months, years; till I’m forty

Or forged in bones in the comfort of my tomb

For a fish drowns still without the sea

For you are my world, my dream and my sea



*ÀBÈFÉ – A Yoruba name for someone dear





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  1. Wow! This is great read. The word play is so on point, the imagery made me view how it’ll be peeing on humans from heaven 😂 Now all I wanna achieve is go to heaven with my “Abefe” right away.

    Well done Oladele Taiwo

  2. I could see love in every eye blink of the piece. #Abefe.. Indeed, when you pleade for love you get love in return.. Nice Piece

  3. I love this,,,,,, I was lost in imagination at a point…… peeing on humans from heaven with the love of my life would be perfect 😁💕💕💕
    Thumbs up bro

  4. Kudos man. I cannot but say kudos again. You killed the theme, to my knowledge, by making the diction sweet and swift like honey. I know, I truly Àbèfé exists, she’ll be down to your toes in your (even) absence.

    Kowtow, brother.

  5. This is the point I try to make everytime. When you are African, your poetry of admiration can should not be watery. Love lingers on the tongue with every line. Wonderful.

  6. Aesthetics!
    The title itself indicate that the writer is rooted in culture and really understand the usage of of Yoruba names which are with source and meanings.
    ÀBÈFÉ, someone unique,one who is dear to your heart…

    Good job!

  7. This is a lovely piece sire Katoonspeaks..
    the way you weaved the words was lovely too.. Continue inking wonderfully boss
    And dare not rain pee on us from heaven as we’d believe it’s a heavenly rain..

  8. Lovely piece !
    When the world is on fire, we’d sail to the moon and wander hand in hand; the solstice 💕💕

  9. Hey buddy, keep the flag flying. Nice, wonderful & lovely write up. God grant you wisdom to superceed your peers. One love bro

  10. Abefe… The words of the poem took me to another realm entirely. One where it’s just me and my love against the world. Well done!

  11. n👿💨 😲😱😂
    👗👉 👕👕👕
    👠🚧 🚧🚧🚧
    Back to school!

  12. The mechanics deployed in this poem is scintillating. Altogether it is a joy to read and easy to understand. Good flow, nice rhythm and blessed imagery. Kudos

  13. Wonderful sire.. You keep challenging my ink to continue overflowing..
    I derive sense from this piece you’ve penned.. weldone sir

  14. I can’t really say much about poems but with what I’m seeing.. Dictions, imagery, FOS
    This is great a writing..

  15. Sir Katoonspeaks can’t stop to amaze me.. You’re boss and laying good examples.. Abefe another one from a superb writer
    I appreciate you

  16. Abefe…
    I have weeped my tears, I have….. sad words
    A nice way to start a poem and create peoples interest.
    Very exceptional and scintillating

  17. TAIWO, this is Will. My friends are saying the voting is not coming through. Saying moderation something. I hope this get through. Good stuff

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