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Post Series: Write for Love (Poetry)

In the mystic meadows,

Where the daffodils scent is oxygen

Your hair is the auburn fire

Lighting up within me

It’s the seasons attire.


Like the shores echoing breeze

I’m blown away by your aura

The incandescent flames that stir

your very presence

An allure of decency

Capturing my attention at first glance.


The winters frost

Cooling our overheated stares

Intensely yet intently

Writing off discrepancies.


We swam in our fears

In the blue oceans of our fantasies

Viewing the highlights,

Making memories

In the glaring horizon of our ecstasy.


The intoxicating fumes

Exuded from our very pores

The sauna of our discourse

Vaporized the evident flaws.


Together, we signed a treaty

To sail these torrents in unison

To inscribe in every chamber

Our names in crimson red

To seal the connection of our souls.

We created magic from chemistry

And it’s for an eternity.






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