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POEM: Imagine You Know Me By Wilfred Deigh

Life is a big bowl of soup

and I’m a fork,


but nothing stays mine.


Hope is a folklore

I’ve never believed to be true.

and love is a spice

I can’t seem to scoop.


Sadly, both are lies.


Tie me to the clouds

and paint me blue,

but the rain will still wash me grey.


I am a bleached rainbow

dull, grey and greasy white

forgotten by the sky.


Imagine you know me

and you would’ve learnt by now


Life is a big bowl of soup

and I am a fork.


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About Author:
Wilfred Yeminifie Deigh hails from Okpoama in Brass LGA of Bayelsa. He hold a bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering from Niger Delta University and loves writing about love, society, life and host of other things.



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