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Rain Can Never Know – Episode XVII

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“David asked me to marry him.”


“I said yes!” Rain screamed with excitement into the phone.

“You said what?” If it were a contest, Annabel would have taken the prize for the loudest scream. “No, Rain! Tell me you’re pulling my legs.”

“I’m not kidding, Annie,” Rain said. This time she lowered her voice so David wouldn’t hear her from the living room. They had been in the parlour watching an Anthony Joshua documentary on Apple TV when Annabel’s call came in. So as not to disturb David, and so they could have their girls’ chitchat in private, Rain walked stealthily into the room and closed the door gently behind her. Still, she knew that the walls of the house were thin and her conversation with her friend could penetrate easily through them and straight into D3’s hearing if she didn’t stop screaming and acting all excited.

“You don carry belle?”

Episode II

“No!” Rain asked coyly, like a schoolgirl opening up to a friend about her first crush.

“I called to check up on you thinking you’d still be sulking in that your house after David walked out on you. I wasn’t expecting this kind of news from you today at all.”

“I’m sorry. I know I should have told you earlier, but I’ve been very busy at work and then the Dubai waka came up,” Rain apologised to her friend, laughing all the while she spoke. “D3 proposed to me that morning I was travelling. Honestly, the proposal took me by surprise, and I wanted to do small shakara for him too, so I didn’t say yes immediately. In the end sha, I couldn’t continue deceiving myself, so I told him I’d marry him.”

“How come you haven’t posted the pictures of the proposal and your engagement ring on Instagram? I didn’t see anything on any of your other social media handles?”

“There’s no ring. Yet,” Rain added quickly. “The whole thing happened very fast. One minute he was acting as if we have become strangers living in the same house and the next minute he is touching me and we…we…”

 “And we what? So you cannot finish your own sentence again?”

“You know I love David scatter, and that night the guy hit all the right notes. I swear. He didn’t have to tell me how much he missed me. The way he said my name, and the way he demonstrated mastery of my body and my needs, said it all.”

“So it is about sex?”

“It is a lot of things mixed together. It is about feelings, and commitment. It is about chemistry,” Rain added.

“While we are still on the subject of chemistry and commitment, did he tell you about this other babe he could be screwing behind your back, or even where he has been when he lied to you that he was in Warri for a job interview?”

“But Annie, we were only speculating when we had that conversation about his whereabouts. We don’t know for sure that he wasn’t in Warri like he said he was.”

“Rain, why are you defending David like this all of a sudden?”

“Because he is my fiancé and very soon he’d be my husband.”

“Ha, my mother was right when she told me that the person that truly understands the mysterious thing that connects a man and a woman has not yet been born.”

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“Annie, I know you’re worried for me, but you don’t have to. I’m a grown woman with a successful career where I manage other people. I’m capable of analysing a situation and making the best judgment call.  I know what I want and I’ll be fine. David and I will be fine. I know we’ve had more than our own fair share of small, small issues over the years, but we always walk through them. We are Jay Z and Beyoncé like that,” Rain joked.

“Sleeping with another woman on the bed both of you share is not a small issue.”

“You’re sounding like you were there when it happened,” Rain laughed out loud. “Anyway, David continues to deny that he’s cheating on me, so how could he have brought anyone here when he’s been faithful since we started dating? Even this morning when I brought up the issue, do you know what he did?”

“What?” Rain could hear Annabel’s breathing through the phone.

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“He gave me the password to his phone, and told me that I am welcome to read through his messages any time I want.”

“David told you that?”

“Today. In fact, he said it twice. He was adamant about being innocent because the beads was intended as a gift for me.”

 “And you believe him?”

“And you don’t? Look, Annie, let us leave this matter because even if he did what we are suspecting him of doing, I’m not prepared to give up on a good man because of a minor indiscretion.”

“Rain, what has come over you? You’re not sounding like the girl I used to know. Honestly, if this were happening to any of our other friends, you would have been all up in arms against this very thing you want to condone.” Annabel couldn’t mask how upset the news of Rain getting married had made her. “I thought you were a feminist?’ She blurted out. “What kind of feminist accepts to marry a man without a ring?”

“The kind that knows that a ring is just a piece of metal a man uses to stamp his ownership on a woman, like she was a commodity to be bought and sold in the marketplace. Annabel, a man would fool around if he wants to, with or without a ring.”

“Rain – ”

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“Annie, you want to remind me that I said all men are scum, I know. I said it, but I’ve also said yes to D3, so be happy for me. Apart from my mother, you’re the only other person I’ve broken this news to. And the reason I’m telling you at this early stage is because I want you to be my chief bridesmaid and our official wedding planner.”

“But Rain, you know how I detest this bridesmaid thing.”

“Still, you did it for others, you must do it for me.”


“I don’t get it, David. I don’t get it at all. Did you think I wasn’t going to find out what game you are up to with me and Rain? Finally, I get why you didn’t come back to the house, why you’ve not been picking my calls and why you’ve only been responding in monosyllables to my messages.”

“I was going to call you after I was sure of Rain’s answer.”

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“How could I have been so stupid? I could have seen this blindside from a hundred miles away, but I guess I got careless and allowed my feelings becloud my native sense.”

“Annabel – ” 

“When you left my house that evening, what did you tell me?”

“I told you that I was going to get some of my things and take them to your place.”

Annabel and David were meeting in the stands at the Samson Siasia Stadium in Ovom. Immediately she got off the phone with Rain, she had sent him a cryptic WhatsApp message requesting that the two of them met over the shocking revelation from Rain that he asked for her hand in marriage, and she said yes. There were so many things she wanted to say to D3 that couldn’t wait for another day. She also wanted to say them to him in person. Annabel chose that particular location for their important meeting because of the anonymity its sheer size provided. Plus, the activities on the pitch, on the tracks and even in the concession stands at that time of the evening was likely to drown out their voices should things between them degenerate into a shouting match.

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“Why are you forming selective amnesia all of a sudden, David? You said you were going to break up with Rain. That was the main reason you went back to that house. Remember? Getting your things was secondary, and you know it. So what am I not getting here, Sir David the third?”

“The bigger picture, Annie. That’s what you’re missing – the bigger picture.”

“This picture you are talking about, is it a George Obadiah Picture or a Munene Jacob picture? Please, David, remind me again because me, I don’t understand.”

“If you would just calm down Annie and listen to me, you would understand why I did what I did.”

 “Nothing you say to me right now will make me understand why you left my house to go and break up with Rain, only to end of proposing to her. Who does that, David? Tell me, who the hell does that?”

“Annie, you’ve been talking for over thirty minutes and you wouldn’t let me put a word in.” David suddenly lost his cool. “If only you’d hear me out, I would explain to you how what I’m doing would work in your favour eventually. But no, Madam-I-Know-It-All wouldn’t allow me speak.”

“Okay. Okay, David Spiff, I’m listening to you.”

“You see Annie, only a fool would plant a seed and when it is time to harvest what he suffered to sow and nurture, he says he is tired and allows another man come and enjoy the fruit of his labour.”

“Okay, I have allowed you say your parable. What is the interpretation of this Sermon on the Mount you are preaching to me this night.”

“I am not preaching. What I am saying to you is the fact. Rain is going to be very rich, very, very soon. Me, I want to be a partaker when that time comes because I was there from the beginning and we sacrificed together.”

“You’re still not making sense. How is Rain becoming rich very soon, did she win the lottery or something?”

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“Didn’t Rain tell you about the car and the house, and the opportunities for travel in her new position at work?”

“She called me from the airport when she was going to Dubai. She didn’t tell me about a house or a car.”

“Well, since the promotion they gave her in the office, so many things have changed. Rain is operating on another level now.”

“And that is why you want to end what we have?”

“Who says anything about ending what we have?”

“I can marry Rain and still be with you; she doesn’t have to know.”

“What are you saying, David? Did you think I came into this world to be the side chick that makes a man happy and not answer his last name?”

“Annie, let’s think with our heads here. I don’t have a job as we speak. If I marry her, Rain will bring out money for me to open a restaurant here in Yenagoa. Her money will also be my money so I can provide for you from what I get from her. We will both be living large from money I get from her. And then when my feet is firmly on ground financially, I’ll divorce her and marry you.”

“D3, I don’t know about this your plan. When you marry her, won’t you guys start having children? I don’t like this position you want to put me, it’s complicated.”

“Okay, Annie, let me simplify it for you. I can’t leave Rain now. I’ve invested too much in my relationship to walk away now that she has hit the jackpot.”

“And where does that leave us?”

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“Two options. You decide which one suits you best. One, you can walk away now and we end what we have going on between us. Or two, you can stay in the shadows as my mistress until I have my business up and running, and then we get married.”

“What if there’s a third option?”

“And what would that be?”

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“That Rain finds out everything. Us. The beads. The lies. Everything.”

“Is that a threat? Annabel, you wouldn’t dare!”

 “They didn’t call me Anniemal back in school for nothing, you know,” Annabel said, standing up to her feet. “Maybe you should have done your homework properly before eating my work.”

“Annie – ” a stunned David looked on as she walked out on him.

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