Lydia, DNA And Death By Olukorede S. Yishau

Lydia, DNA and Death By Olukorede S. Yishau

The day after Tunmininu died, Mama Demola called Lydia to break the news to her. The two of them had been in constant touch since Demola's death. She screamed and was close to tears. The thought of anything happening to Demola jnr, her only hope, made her cringe with fear. Long after Mama Demola dropped the call, she was still troubled, not by Tunmininu's death, but by a fact she recently stumbled upon. Demola jnr had been sick and she…

[SHORT STORY] The Fatal Accident By Rex Dogood

[SHORT STORY] The Fatal Accident by Rex Dogood

It was a pleasant Saturday morning characterised by the usual harmattan chill and mist in the ever busy and noisy Agofuri Park in Warri. Despite the chaos, her ringtone stood out. "Hello, Phebe. How are you?" she spoke into the receiver of her phone with a smile "Aunt Laye, there is a problem," came the tensed voice from the other end of the line "What again?" Laye asked "Uncle had a terrible accident. His car got crashed into a truck…

My 2015 Prison Break

My 2015 Prison Break

This week, I decided to share a personal story, one about my visit to Okaka prison, Yenagoa, in 2015. It was a visit that opened my eyes to what it means to be truly free. It made me appreciate afresh what it means to go and come as one pleases and how a simple visit to someone locked away, from a person on the outside, even from a complete stranger, could mean so much to an abandoned inmate and uplift…



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People Watching, Commercials & Hospital Waiting Rooms!

People Watching, Commercials & Hospital Waiting Rooms!

  • November 18, 2018
  • Op-Ed

A couple of days back, while on a visit to the hospital with my kids, we had to endure a long wait because of the number of patients ahead of us. When I asked why the process was that slow, I was told there were only three doctors on ground and they were taking their precious time with each patient. But this piece isn’t about the hospital, its three doctors and their very slow turnaround time; it’s really about something…

[SHORT STORY] Otapiapia By Olukorede S. Yishau

[SHORT STORY] Otapiapia by Olukorede S. Yishau

It was her first holiday from Abeokuta. Idera was excited to see Lagos again, but she was not prepared for what she saw on entering the new two-bed apartment into which Aunty Rebecca and her husband had moved. She knocked at the door and waited a few minutes before she turned the knob. The door creaked open only for her to behold a man and a woman scrambling to cover their nakedness. The woman was her precious Aunty Rebecca, her…

The Creation Of The Yoruba Demon, By Olatunde Jayeoba

The Creation of the Yoruba Demon, by Olatunde Jayeoba

He asked, "Do I stand a chance?" She was reluctant to take a stance  A simple yes or no would have been enough to see him off  But she did a no accompanied with some reason so he wouldn't be pissed off So he left feeling unsure, but he left it in the hands of the universe  "If it's meant to be it'll be", the particular line he held onto on Bebe Rexha's verse    He tried to release himself…

The Untold Tale Of A Friendly Tragedy, By Habeeb Aminu

The Untold Tale of a Friendly Tragedy, by Habeeb Aminu

To the seed of friendship I made a sacred oath From a rational thought That seemed to be in a trance Like a floating pot About to be engulfed By the wavy ocean Don’t take for granted my portion Approach me not with an act of extortion These were our consensuses   Now it’s all different Awaken from the dark I now see clearly the truth Unspeakable, yet relatable Like the predator tricks its prey You tricked a man full…

Citizen Leah Sharibu – The Girl They Forgot

Citizen Leah Sharibu – The Girl They Forgot

Imagine being Leah Sharibu’s father or mother and it’s the day after you hear an audio recording of your daughter who has been in captivity since February 2018. Her abductors, the dreaded Boko Haram fundamentalists, for the first time since the kidnap (and subsequent release of the other abductees) offer to the federal government and to her heartbroken parents proof that citizen Leah—the one child who refuses to denounce her religion in exchange for her freedom—is still alive. Imagine that these ferocious and…

Incomplete By Tombra Emmanuel

Incomplete by Tombra Emmanuel

What's a stand without a feet?   What's victory without defeat?   What's a bed without a sheet?   What's the heart without a beat?   What's complete without you?