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FICTION: Top 10 Entries For The JB Afenfia Flash Fiction Contest 2018

FICTION: Top 10 Entries for the JB Afenfia Flash Fiction Contest 2018

Late last year, I announced a call for entries into the JB Afenfia Flash Fiction Contest. And as expected, entries came from everywhere. The stories were so good that it was tough for the judges to pick top 10. However, of the lot, these ten made it and were formally announced on the first day of 2019. (Check the call for entries here.)

Read and please let me know which is your personal favourite.

Fireflies By Darlington Chibuzor

Fireflies by Darlington Chibuzor

It happened last night, but not for the first time. But there was something about it happening now that seemed different. It was the guilt, I think, that hung around as I locked my mouth in hers in sultry affection, unhooking her bra, my hands finding comfort on her bulbous breasts. It was the shame hovering over me like the blades of a helicopter waiting to slice my throat as I buried my face in between her laps, listening to…

The Beginning Of The End By Adebimpe Olubola Oso

The Beginning of the End by Adebimpe Olubola Oso

It happened last night. The moon sat up in the sky observing the terror of the night. It was a new moon; a crescent whose beam shone directly into our den, as we called it. “No!” I had screamed, shaking the lifeless body on the floor. “She is dead, you murderer!” I cried. “Sshhh, Don’t shout!” he whispered as he bundled me off to my room. It all started when my neighbours came to bid me farewell ahead of the…

It Happened Last Night By Chijindu Terrence James-Ibe

It Happened Last Night by Chijindu Terrence James-Ibe

It happened last night, or did it? I’m not certain. You see, we do not have a sense of time here. I remember lying on my bed. The room was dark except for the flashlight in my hand. My parents had a fight that night – they fought every night. When I was little, I usually cried long and loud. I joined sometimes – tugging at their clothes, biting their hands or just kicking and screaming. They never paid attention…

Halelujah! By Chizoma Emeka Joshua

Halelujah! by Chizoma Emeka Joshua

It happened last night, like a burst of colours on clear canvas. It was only a matter of time, before it happened. From that first day I saw you at the counter serving coffee – your black skin so dark it shone, your hair pulled the side of your head in a proud Afro, your lips lined red. I knew then that I was in trouble, that we were star-crossed lovers. So I had turned away, counting to ten to…

The Awakening By Hajaarh Muhammad Bashar

The Awakening by Hajaarh Muhammad Bashar

It happened last night when all souls were at peace with themselves. I lay in bed anxious by the stillness of the night. The sound of air that often sang sweet lullaby was absent. A whisper came from outside my door and I sat up in bed. It must be Mama and Haruf, I thought as I headed towards the door. The veranda was empty when I opened the door but there was light coming from the living room so…

It Happened Last Night By Ugbana-Awaji Finomo

It Happened Last Night by Ugbana-Awaji Finomo

It happened last night when the soft wind blew cold through the doorway into the shack I called my father’s house, stealing every feeling of warmth that my body had fought to retain. I do not blame the wind for the misfortune that has befallen me. Why should I? When I am the cause. My careless faith in the humanity of humans. How many times have I been warned to be careful and never to divulge information? Father and mother…

It Happened Last Night – Adejoke Folayan

It Happened Last Night – Adejoke Folayan

It happened last night. Mummy and I were about to leave the shop when she sent me to buy some tubers of yam. I left the hair and clothes section of the market where her shop was located and crossed to the provision sections. I walked down and turned left to the section of food sellers and then to where yam sellers present their wares in a row. All of them looked the same, dark-skinned, wearing shirts and trousers that…

Daughters Of Eve By Ololade Ajekigbe

Daughters of Eve by Ololade Ajekigbe

It happened last night. It was one of those Friday nights when my friends and I decided to have a few drinks over plates of pepper soup, and if we were lucky, get some feminine company for the rest of the night. The latter only applied to Ken and Ayomide, however. I was the shy and reticent one who didn’t seem to have the bad boy blood in him. My friends had swung into party mode when we got to…

Stolen By Zinny Ogbonna

Stolen by Zinny Ogbonna

It happened last night, the images of his white face haunted her. A night of guilty pleasure had taken an unexpected twist. She could remember it all. His palm connected with her cheek, “If you shout, I will kill you,” he said. His eyes darkened from rage and lust, as he held up a knife so she could see it clearly. “Please Uncle Ken, please don’t hurt me,” she pleaded. He watched her lips quiver. The fear evident in her…