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[POEM] Global Best Practice By Uzezi Ologe

[POEM] Global Best Practice by Uzezi Ologe

Come! Come and vote Democracy is the new way Be not deformed but take note Representation has come to stay   Come! Come out and play Your civic role. For to pray Has its place but you must today Suffer the ballot to have your way   Come! Come out and press Your fingers against this crest Heed not the lure of the rest They offer naught but stress And stay till every vote cast Is counted to the very…

About June 12 – What Would MKO Say? By Michael Afenfia

About June 12 – What Would MKO Say? by Michael Afenfia

Like most of the people on my timeline, the news from Mr. President proclaiming June 12 as the new Democracy Day—instead of May 29 we have become accustomed to since 1999—was totally unexpected. As soon as I confirmed the story was true and not some fake news circulating on the Internet, I was overcome by a sense of justice. Finally, June 12 might not be just another date on the calendar, or a sectional commemoration of a stolen mandate by…

Two Generals And The Richest Man In The World By Michael Afenfia

Two Generals and the Richest Man in the World by Michael Afenfia

Let me just state right off the bat, that there’s something not quite right about the title of the piece you’re reading now, but I decided to keep it anyway because it has a certain ring to it that I like. The intuitive readers in the building may already have guessed what the problem is, but for those very busy people who would prefer I cut straight to the chase, I’d point it out to you, but in a bit.…