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People Watching, Commercials & Hospital Waiting Rooms!

People Watching, Commercials & Hospital Waiting Rooms!

  • November 18, 2018
  • Op-Ed

A couple of days back, while on a visit to the hospital with my kids, we had to endure a long wait because of the number of patients ahead of us. When I asked why the process was that slow, I was told there were only three doctors on ground and they were taking their precious time with each patient. But this piece isn’t about the hospital, its three doctors and their very slow turnaround time; it’s really about something…

The President Can Smile

The President can Smile

Ever since I watched Will Smith and his son, Jayden in that movie they did together a couple of years back about happiness, I’ve had a fascination with the concept of its pursuit. That story though is for another day. Today, I prefer to dwell on a more localised construct, because as it turns out, I’m not the only inquisitive one. In America, it is an inalienable right provided for in the documents declaring their independence. Philosophers and great thinkers…