My Letter Of Appreciation To General Muhammadu Buhari By Michael Afenfia

My letter of appreciation to General Muhammadu Buhari by Michael Afenfia

Dear Major General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd), I trust that this letter meets you well. Sorry I have to get across to you in this manner. I don’t know of any other channel to reach you, so please don’t take offence. Last year, I did try, through one of your media aides, Femi Adesina. He may have been too busy to pass on the message of a lowly citizen from the percentage of the country that didn’t vote for you in…

Being Black By Michael Afenfia

Being Black By Michael Afenfia

Recent happenings, particularly the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis by a police officer has made me ponder over my blackness. I am grateful for all the support and the almost universal cry for things to be done differently and for black people to be treated better, but is it enough? Maybe things will really get better this time, maybe they will not because racism like roots are buried deep in a person.But it’s a start.The whole world is outraged…

Karimot  Reviews Yejide Kilanko’s Daughters Who Walked This Path

Karimot Reviews Yejide Kilanko’s Daughters Who Walked This Path

When the lives of two women from different generations take the same path, the one that navigated the path earlier stretches out her hands to the younger one. This book mirrors the lives of different African women and how society accepts or rejects them as they come to terms with their identity. Yejide Kilanko talks about a young girl, Morayo, who grew up in modern-day Ibadan. The book takes readers through the life of the main character – Morayo –…

Michael Afenfia: Breakfast With Governor Ayade

Michael Afenfia: Breakfast with Governor Ayade

This stay at home order is doing a number on me. Honestly, it got me imagining things on the regular and my already creative mind is on overdrive. As if it didn’t paint enough mental pictures and make-believe scenarios before the lockdown, now the juices flow unabated and I see a story in everything. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, I even imagine the conversation my neighbour’s dogs are having in their house. Let me tell you what happened this…

MC Monica – For The Love Of Comedy

MC Monica – For the love of Comedy

Born 10th of September 1993 in the industrial town of Nnewi, Anambra State, my 27-year-old pick of the week is the last of eight children. His bricklayer father and hardworking mother are staunch Christians who taught their children the virtues of honesty, discipline, and kindness. He attended St. Stephen Model Nursery and Primary schools in Nnewi before heading to Okongwu Memorial Grammar School also in Nnewi, where he sat for his senior secondary school certificate examination. He passed with flying…

[POEM] Perchance I Find? – Taiwo Oladele

[POEM] Perchance I Find? – Taiwo Oladele

Aren't we all incomplete? Every man a jigsaw missing a piece and for some, their peace Wandering the sore face of the surface of the earth A heart broken, lost, seeking and likewise sought That when the sought and the found find that which is sought The clock that second stops, hearts skip and the angels glee When two fitting parts click; the host of heaven sing Chanting in unison, a symphony of the rhythms of the heart Eureka! We…

[POEM] Trickle Treat By Joshua Ejiro

[POEM] Trickle Treat by Joshua Ejiro

Wrapped in your words left to wonder the depths of this euphoria found in your eyes my feelings lost to beauty and your embodiment "Love" is the persons we've become for we set the blue birds free and crumbled the high walls. We've settled for planes plain in the essence of us both and built us a fortress of lovitude, the angles at which we meet is the radiance of the tender shoots of the morning sun and sparkles are…

The Use And Dump Syndrome

The Use and Dump Syndrome

You hustle and grind and do so many things for yourself, for family and for friends because life happens. Yet, a professor expects you to remember to send him a bag of rice every December for the rest of your life because he taught you English 101 or Chemistry 304.
[POEM] The Pondering By Uzezi Ologe

[POEM] The Pondering by Uzezi Ologe

Who can tell why the tide flows Or where the wind blows Who knows how the grass grows Or what worries wrinkles the baboon’s brow Who can tell what catch The fisherman’s net cast Or the wish of the whip Put to eat the slave’s skin in stripes Who can tell the reason of the palm Why its wounds offer wine And its ash invokes purity   ALSO READ: Global Best Practice by Uzezi Ologe   Man’s head worries crown…

[POEM] Doom Dance By Uzezi Ologe

[POEM] Doom Dance by Uzezi Ologe

The mistakes of our past Forever before us Too rigidly embossed On the fabrics of our lives To be made dim By the mere passing of time   Our brethren On the whim of the moment Strike a sour tune To which we must dance For their fingers coil around our balls   The tune to which we dance Once was euphoria in our ears To which our feet carried us With the swift agility Of a reckless masquerade  …