The Mechanics Of Yenagoa (Season 2) – XVII

The Mechanics of Yenagoa (Season 2) – XVII

I’m in trouble, serious trouble. You know the kind of trouble in that popular saying, when it rains it pours? That’s the exact position I’ve found myself right now. At this point I’m sure a lot of you are thinking, ‘Is it not Ebinimi again? What kind of trouble can he possibly be in that we haven’t seen before?’ Well, this one is different. This one is worse. This one is very serious and if I don’t handle it properly, it…

POEM: Losing Self By Wilfred Deigh

POEM: Losing Self by Wilfred Deigh

You are twice as lucky as the number seven when you're twenty-seven, I once read. But youth is war, and adulthood is freedom in a prison yard. The spoils of war are never equal to the blow of loss when you hit the wall. Sometimes I do wonder if I'm ever going to make it back home. 'cause I've come so far that I feel so lost and alone. And if life is a journey, I think I need my…

POEM: Imagine You Know Me By Wilfred Deigh

POEM: Imagine you know me by Wilfred Deigh

Life is a big bowl of soup and I'm a fork, scooping... but nothing stays mine.   Hope is a folklore I've never believed to be true. and love is a spice I can't seem to scoop.   Sadly, both are lies.   Tie me to the clouds and paint me blue, but the rain will still wash me grey.   I am a bleached rainbow dull, grey and greasy white forgotten by the sky.   Imagine you know me…

FICTION: Top 10 Entries For The JB Afenfia Flash Fiction Contest 2018

FICTION: Top 10 Entries for the JB Afenfia Flash Fiction Contest 2018

Late last year, I announced a call for entries into the JB Afenfia Flash Fiction Contest. And as expected, entries came from everywhere. The stories were so good that it was tough for the judges to pick top 10. However, of the lot, these ten made it and were formally announced on the first day of 2019. (Check the call for entries here.)

Read and please let me know which is your personal favourite.

Open Letter From Tunde Ednut’s Phone

Open Letter from Tunde Ednut’s Phone

Hello, if you are reading this, let me start by introducing myself. I am Tunde Ednut’s phone, and I am only a couple months old. I won’t tell you what make or colour I am; I’ll leave all that to your imagination. Let me just say that my guardian, Mr. Tee, yes, that’s what I call him, has been exceedingly kind and generous towards me since I became his property. Why do I say Mr. Tee takes good care of me?…

The Mechanics Of Yenagoa (Season 2) – XVI

The Mechanics of Yenagoa (Season 2) – XVI

“I think I should go back to working with Oga Emma in Agudama. To be honest, it doesn’t feel right being in Kalakala street and doing this with you anymore. This whole being the side chick thing just isn’t me.” Oputi’s unexpected expression of unease at our situation hit me like a powerful jab from Anthony Joshua. My heart sank and my large eyes bulged in panic that she was ending things between us so abruptly. We had agreed to…

The Mechanics Of Yenagoa (Season 2) – XV

The Mechanics of Yenagoa (Season 2) – XV

Ebiakpo and Reverend Ebizimor stopped talking when I barged into her room. I knew I should have knocked first, but Anda was being a nuisance in the yard, throwing tantrums and getting in everyone’s way so I had to drag him to his mother. However, in my haste to rid my staff and me of the little boy’s annoying antics so we could focus on the serious task of getting our customer’s cars fixed, I must have forgotten my manners…

The Mechanics Of Yenagoa (Season 2) – XIV

The Mechanics of Yenagoa (Season 2) – XIV

“Oga Ebinimi, please think this thing through. You have to be very careful so you don’t end up disappointing this man that has so much faith in you.” It was Biodun. I had asked him and BRD over to my room at the close of work to pick their brains on how best to go about mobilising the crowd for Honourable Aaron’s welcome party next week. I didn’t have much time, and if I were to execute the task satisfactorily…

The Mechanics Of Yenagoa (Season 2) – XIII

The Mechanics of Yenagoa (Season 2) – XIII

​The parking lot at Matho Crystal Hotel was filled to overflowing with every make of SUV and luxury car imaginable, and I found that surprising because it was a weekday and still early in the day. Hotels are typically slow before lunchtime, unless of course there was a major conference going on nearby or it was the venue for a big government or social event. As I approached the gate to the hotel, one of the security men signalled to…

[Poetry Contest] Write For Love 2019

[Poetry Contest] Write for Love 2019

Love would soon rent the air. And what better way to express it than to pen it in lines of beautiful poetry original to you – and get handsomely rewarded for it! Write a poem about what love is, can be and may have been to you. Make sure you are super-creative. Rules & Conditions Entry must be an original, unpublished poem in English. Entry must not exceed 40 lines. Follow @MichaelAfenfia on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Submit your entry…