“Anna, I love you and not—— as a friend– maybe more,” Kunle floundered.

I felt all cold; I could almost feel the beads of sweat forming on my temple. Funny how one could feel cold and sweaty at the same time. He was staring. It was a different stare and it made his face more shining and his pursed lips lovelier than I had ever seen them.

“I should probably go,” I stood up abruptly

“Anna, I know you feel the same way,” he said as he pulled me back

I fought my arm off his grip but he came back strong and this time, cupped my face into his palm as he stared at before lowering his lips onto mine. I stiffened my lips at first but parted them slowly as he released his minty breath onto mine. My bag dropped as I wrapped my arms around his neck guiding his head to remain on mine so he doesn’t pull back.

He pulled away. I didn’t want him to do so. I moved closer. He smiled as he spoke, “you do feel the same way don’t you”

I kissed him and he parted his lips swiftly. My hands found their way under his t-shirt rubbing and caressing the back before lifting the t-shirt off our heads which kind of ended our kiss a little before we resumed, I traced his packs down to his shorts trying to loosening the knots but he turned me abruptly and zipped down my gown. We resumed as I found my way out of the gown and allowed him do the magic on the bra while I pulled the knot on his short, his muscular yet soft palms were all over my body and this made my belly tightened a little.

He kissed her neck passionately as he buried his head between her breasts caressing every part of butt down her thighs. He lifted her against the wall and kissed her passionately once more before easing her on the bed. Her heart pounded in anticipation.

Desperately, he asked breathlessly, “Anna, do you want this?

Her body answered for her as she cupped him tightly with her legs and allowed him into her. She wanted this. Badly. She gave in completely, allowing him do most of the job as she could almost feel the ceiling enveloping them in-between.

Written by : Michael Afenfia

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