When the lives of two women from different generations take the same path, the one that navigated the path earlier stretches out her hands to the younger one.

This book mirrors the lives of different African women and how society accepts or rejects them as they come to terms with their identity.

Yejide Kilanko talks about a young girl, Morayo, who grew up in modern-day Ibadan. The book takes readers through the life of the main character – Morayo – who was ushered into sisterhood with the arrival of her sister, Eniayo.

“But no one told us that sometimes evil is found much closer to home and that those who want to harm us can have the most soothing and familiar of voices.” We see this when Morayo is abused countless time by her uncle, Bros T. She would grow into the pain and proceed to the university with the betrayal of people she expected to shield her fresh in her memory as she speaks her truth and defies silence.

Aunty Morenike whose love and friendship is what Morayo holds on to in her journey to wholeness has a story of her own. She has a heart-wrenching story of abuse, spinsterhood and motherhood. She is a woman that has seen it all.

In this book, Morenike’s daring character evolves in a way the reader can connect with. This is not just a book about Morayo and Aunty Morenike, it explores the characters of Bisoye – a mother struggling to hold her daughter; Daddy – a man who builds his life around work and family; Eniayo – a shy albino who evolves into a confident woman that finds love, and so many others.

You will love this amazing book that explores culture, tradition, mental health, and feminism through the various characters.

Yejide Kilanko’s use of African proverbs in each chapter gives the reader an insight into the versatility of African culture.

Daughters Who Walk This Path might tug at your emotions and remind you of all the injustices in our society, but read it anyway.

By Karimot Odebode

Written by : Michael Afenfia

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