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  • Written in lucid prose, A STREET CALLED LONELY is a riveting crime fiction beautifully narrated by an avid story teller with a knack for suspense and surprise. Events are narrated at their climax while the resolution therein takes a backward slope to the curious excitement of the reader. It can best be classified as an archival work, a classic in its own right with a thrilling fast-paced plot meant to keep the reader guessing and missing and guessing again without wanting to pause.
  • Don't Die on Wednesday is a story of the game of life, when life suddenly becomes laced with danger and fear, and no one knows how the game will end. Rising football star and Tottenham FC top striker Bubarayer Dabowei's career is torpedoed by freak accident at a game against crack Manchester United squad. Unable to play professional football, he is torn between his supermodel South African Wife, Nikiwe Dlomo, and a longing to return to Nigeria. Their fraught return plays out against a backdrop of infidelity and betrayal and his nurturing of the talented but troublesome Keme 'D'aziba.
  • Seen through the eyes of Owoicho, a television presenter seeking a better life for himself and his family, Leave my Bones in Saskatoon spans two cultures and continents. It is honest, heartfelt and enlightening. The story begins with Owoicho’s good news. He can’t wait to tell his family that their permanent residency application to Canada was successful. But while he was in Abuja, happy about this breakthrough, somewhere in the outskirts of Makurdi, a dark and troubling event threatens to torpedoe all the plans he and his wife, Ene had of moving their family to Saskatoon. We also meet Ochanya, Owoicho’s teenage daughter who has to deal with the twin shock of losing close family and the unavoidable transition from girl to adolescence that pitches her against the people that love and care for her the most. With everything Owoicho and Ochanya have to deal with, do they still make it out to Canada as planned and whose bones is in Saskatoon?
  • When a teenager found himself in a taxi with two strangers, little did he know he was about to embark on the ride of a lifetime. Gifted a special medallion by the two men and a charge to use it for good, he quickly realises that keeping the ancient jewellery safe was just as important as saving the world.
  • Rain Tamuno is a brilliant young employee in Edozie Express, the largest construction company in the Niger Delta. Befriended by Chief Rowland Edozie, owner of the company, she experiences a meteoric rise in her career. As her professional life flourishes, her personal life descends into turmoil. Forced to confront a traumatic episode from her past, Rain cannot come to terms with the fact that her mother chose her assailant over her. As she struggles to mend their fractured relationship, her relationship with David, her boyfriend, is threatened by her best friend, Annabel. When sudden death occurs amid Chief Rowland Edozie’s quest for a diabolical solution to a life-threatening problem, Rain’s life is put at risk. As her world begins to crumble, she grapples with coming to terms with who her friends and foes are. Rain Can Never Know is an intriguing story of love, lust, secrets and betrayal. It is about family, friends and faith
  • Ebinimi, star mechanic of Kalakala Street, is a man with a hapless knack for getting in and out of trouble. Some of his troubles are self-inflicted: like his recurring entanglements in love triangles; and his unauthorised joyriding of a customer’s car which sets off a chain of dire events involving drugs, crooked politicians, and assassins. Other troubles are caused by the panorama of characters in his life, like: his sister and her dysfunctional domestic situation; the three other mechanics he employs; and the money-loving preacher who has all but taken over his home. The story is fast-paced with surprising twists and a captivating plot – a Dickenesque page-turner. This is Ebinimi’s story but it is about a lot more than him. It is an exploration of the dynamics between working-class people as they undertake a colourful tour of Yenagoa, one of Nigeria’s lesser-known cities, while using humour, sex, and music, as coping mechanisms for the everyday struggle. It is a modern-classic tale of small lives navigating a big city.
  • It was 1852 and the Island of Lagos had just been ceded to Britain. Amidst the fanfare and celebrations, a family had just been informed about the death of their father... When an assassination attempt on the Oba of Benin failed, Nosa was forced to flee the kingdom to Lagos with his family. In Lagos he joined forces with his friend, the powerful Chief Oluyede who had his mind set in the lucrative slave trade. They quickly became prosperous and successful, but with success came greed, envy, betrayal and the curse that will link their families in a web of tears and tragedy for generations. When the moon caught fire tells the story of three women and a boy, who are connected to both men by blood and marriage


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