Aren’t we all incomplete?

Every man a jigsaw missing a piece and for some, their peace

Wandering the sore face of the surface of the earth

A heart broken, lost, seeking and likewise sought

That when the sought and the found find that which is sought

The clock that second stops, hearts skip

and the angels glee

When two fitting parts click; the host of heaven sing

Chanting in unison, a symphony of the rhythms of the heart

Eureka! We found love, egads! Picture perfect

Two halves of the shape of happiness; puzzle complete

Hearts beating as one

Sharing one heaven, the haven of love

Perchance I find my missing piece?

I’d tether the moon, veil the sun and break the ticking hand of time

That this night will become my forever and happily ever after

I’d love her with the fantasy, depth, creativity and imagination of a love poem

Exploring every part— the nape of her neck;

the lush of her lips; the moist of her tongue; the sapphires in her eyes;

the crest of her nose, the warmth of her arms, the smugness of her bosom, the hollow of her navel

Kissing, eating, sniffing, drinking

Savoring the sweetness of her aura

I’d make a meal of her cookies and pot of jelly

Of what sits between and what stands betwixt

Bringing passion to the doors of her steamy person

Revealing the cat in her, crouching,

prancing, scratching, cringing, meowing

I’d reach into her soul, searching for the keys to the hatchway of heaven

Collecting comets and stars as we go along, trophies of our love

And at the peak, the zenithal climax of our robust adventure

We’d nest in our love

Honeymooning in the beaches of cloud nine

We’d tango and stay tangled, held fast, never to let go

Taiwo Oladele is a 2-time winner of the Write for Love poetry contest organised by Michael Afenfia every year.

Written by : Michael Afenfia

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