Who can tell why the tide flows

Or where the wind blows

Who knows how the grass grows

Or what worries wrinkles the baboon’s brow

Who can tell what catch

The fisherman’s net cast

Or the wish of the whip

Put to eat the slave’s skin in stripes

Who can tell the reason of the palm

Why its wounds offer wine

And its ash invokes purity


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Man’s head worries crown

Many by his own hands sown

But who can tell

The truth of the hyena’s laugh

Or the haunting hoot of the dozing owl

Who can guess the mystery of the ancient baobab

Or the message of the tortoise shell

Who can know the wisdom of its measured steps…


About Author

Uzezi Ologe is a lover of the arts. His interests range from movies and music to photography and more. His writing, covering prose and poetry, is inspired by a blend of the realities and daydreams of daily life. He has many unpublished works he hopes to share with the world.

Written by : Michael Afenfia

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