Come! Come and vote

Democracy is the new way

Be not deformed but take note

Representation has come to stay


Come! Come out and play

Your civic role. For to pray

Has its place but you must today

Suffer the ballot to have your way


Come! Come out and press

Your fingers against this crest

Heed not the lure of the rest

They offer naught but stress

And stay till every vote cast

Is counted to the very last


Come! Come out and awe

At him in the starched brocade

The prize your vote dearly bought

Yes, he has come before


But he is the rare leopard

That has washed off its spots

He is the born again democrat

The reformed redeemer


About Author

Uzezi Ologe is a lover of the arts. His interests range from movies and music to photography and more. His writing, covering prose and poetry, is inspired by a blend of the realities and daydreams of daily life. He has many unpublished works he hopes to share with the world.


Photo Credit: Bayo Omoboriowo

Written by : Michael Afenfia

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