I am a bard,

My voice echoes beyond my yard,

Silencing my peers,

On me, ears cast their cares,

Mouths never yawn,

My bard-ness isn’t to everyone.

I am also that reckless drunk driver,

With handbrake up to calm your shiver,

My loud horn is a Cat’s call,

But here’s another accidental fall.


Rose in my hand, this magical wand,

Like a crimson red rose, red rose,

Hid behind my pose, I pose,

My love note waits to be disclosed,

My lips shake, I stutter,

Her ears wanting more,

No wonder “What do you want?” she asked,

With a child’s smile to my forever Valentine,

I whispered in time,


Fairest of them all,

You light up my world,

Without you days turn night,

Life becomes a bird in flight,

My sun and moon looks up to you,

Above my sky, you fly,

Beautifully bold,

Handy to hold,

You are my candy, crushing to crush,

I’m tempted to touch…


Wait, wait, wait, I wan slow down,

Make I break am down,

Smile jor, no dey frown,

For you I fit turn clown

Laff and dance round town,

Dash you all, from accolades to assurance,

Clear road, no disturbance,

Na  you be the mouth to my smile,

No be joke, you amuse me

Na you dey my head, no music…


I can go on and on,

On and on our love will grow,

Take note, this is a love note,

From my beating heart

To your missing heart

I write with only a piece of my heart about my better half,

My better half stole my better heart,

Until I find you,

I will stay true,

Take note, this is my love note.


About the Poet

Prime in writing (poetry), Ebizimo Arabina is an environment-conscious civil engineer from Bayelsa state. He loves listening to good music, travelling, soccer, video games and photography.

Written by : Michael Afenfia

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  1. Rex Dogood May 10, 2018 at 11:29 am - Reply

    Precise n Cool.
    please find her soon

  2. Ameenah June 3, 2018 at 10:18 am - Reply

    Adebiyi, The Hopeless Romantic

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