He asked, “Do I stand a chance?”

She was reluctant to take a stance 

A simple yes or no would have been enough to see him off 

But she did a no accompanied with some reason so he wouldn’t be pissed off

So he left feeling unsure, but he left it in the hands of the universe 

“If it’s meant to be it’ll be”, the particular line he held onto on Bebe Rexha’s verse 


He tried to release himself from her hold on him

But avoiding didn’t quench the fire within

He became enslaved to the idea of her

So he went out of his way to please her

Lowering his standards just to appease her

Doing the unusual just to please her


He was a player who wanted to hang his boots

Only if he knew, he would have held on to those boots

But he gave it away just to show there was truth behind his words

Now he laid bare at her mercy on the sharp-pointed edge of her sword 


Her fire burned brighter and melted the wax of his candle

He was beginning to lose his grip, his handle 

He, that gift that gave even when he got nothing in return

So she teased him with the idea of love as if that will balance the books, expenses to returns

Just the faintest idea of her loving him, and he fell bare

If only he knew she would step all over him without care


So now he was willing to give out an arm and leg 

Just to gain assurance from just one girl 

He was a demon with a serial body count

But he was willing to leave that behind on her account

But in the coming weeks and months, it dragged out

The fire burned lower and he was about to check out

Then she said yes out of the blue. 

“What changed?” He asked but her answers were untrue

But he-careth less what changed or her intentions

He got the girl and within his body grew this tension 


Along with it came the urge to prove his love 

Especially seeing that she was the first to acknowledge this love 

So each night, they conversed for long hours 

And he thought of her even in the showers 

She was becoming his drug, his addiction

His unhealthy doze of light skinned affliction 

His compulsive desire to satisfy her every need, 

Made him crumble and brought him to his kneels

She knew she had him compelled 

She drove him crazy and back to hell

So when she put the final dagger into his heart, 

A man bled out and his emotions fell to the the earth,

She said she couldn’t continue with him

Maturity and age the reasons it seemed

He should have listened when Sean said “Beware of a woman with a broken heart”

He didn’t conform to rules and advice – he was recalcitrant 

Now a ruthless demon is born

Raised from the shame and the hurt 


Now he is back to charming girls and making them moan

Just to turn around and crush their hearts making them mourn 

But he never regrets meeting her because she was once his coke; his high

But he’s now sober and back from rehab,

And now he’s after everything on skirt, even hijab 

Ladies make sure you don’t answer when he summons

Because she just created one heartless Yoruba demon.



Photo Credit: Zikoko

Written by : Michael Afenfia

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