Today, I drove past the Hills along the high way,

the sleepy skies yawned in my rear-view

as the morning sluggishly woke from slumber.

I beheld the lone carpenter in his workshop

making the 100th coffin with passion reeling in his eyes.

He’d wipe the sweat off his face with a smile

Like he knew the world was going to end today

and as death’s superhero that he is,

He’d be the last and lone survivor

cleaning up death’s mess as usual.

Suddenly Jim Reeves’ “this world is not my own”

started playing on the car radio as I, in dismay,

made a quick swerve to dodge the tanker coming right at me.

In what seemed like a nano second…

I saw death smile with the face of an angel

while she offered roses to the lone carpenter

and took him by the hand, as the tanker ran him down

right into the red coffin he made with smiles in his face.

As tears of what seemed like “I don’t know what just happened”

rolled down my face, all I could think of, was…

the “Amazing Grace” that had just saved me

and Jim Reeves’ “this world is not my own”

that had simultaneously ushered the coffin maker

to the afterlife rite, in his own coffin

he’d made with passion, for the dying world,

he thought needed his help cleaning up.


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About Author:
Wilfred Yeminifie Deigh hails from Okpoama in Brass LGA of Bayelsa. He hold a bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering from Niger Delta University and loves writing about love, society, life and host of other things.







Written by : Michael Afenfia

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  1. Uzezi Macaulay July 18, 2018 at 4:49 pm - Reply

    Death is a universal constant.
    It has awed and inspired people through the ages
    It continues to inspire people today

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